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Year:  2012
Cast: Ileana D'Cruz, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor
Director: Anurag Basu

Other Locations

Dorji Para

Kolkata, India

Scene :

  • Ranbir adjusting the time on the clock


Kolkata, India

Scene :

  • Shown in the intro scenes of Kolkata

Ghum Station

Darjeeling, India

Scene :

  • Ranbir proposing Ileana


Darjeeling, India

Scene :

  • Ranbir meets Ileana in cafe

St. Andrew's Church

Darjeeling, India

Song :

  • Ala Barfi

St. Paul's School

Darjeeling, India

Scene :

  • Shown as Muskaan

WelcomHeritage Regency Villas, Fernhills Palace

Ooty, India

Scene :

  • Ileana's dad asking Ranbir the direction to Hill Cart Road

List of Blog Comments

List of Blog Comment

Name Message
sam  Very Informative website.

thank you.

Dhruba Prasad  Amer fort is a gorgeous place... i like it..
I like this movie   
khushi  I like this movie 
chaudhari jigar  Gondal is naic palace .butiful 
Waheed  I'd like to know where that song in tea fields are where they ride the Jeep thru. 
Abhishek Sultania  GOOD 
Azam khan   
Azam khan  Fantastic places ....Salman bhai

I'm huge fan of yuors

Once I wants to meet u .......... 
Muqthiyar   gupt film its so Romantic film  
its my hero bobby with kojal    

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